Monthly tips

What to do this Month – January


  1. Prepare seed beds, covering them with a cold frame, cloches or re-used fleece to warm up the soil before sowing.

  2. Improve drainage of heavy soils by working in lots of organic matter. Grit will only be effective when used in conjunction with organic matter.

  3. When gardening on wet soils work from a plank of wood, rather than treading on the bed, to avoid compacting the soil.

  4. Plan a rotation system for vegetable plots to ensure the same crops are not grown in the same beds year after year and help prevent build-up of disease.


  1. Plant new trees and bushes. Don’t plant if the ground is waterlogged or frozen.
  2. Prune apples, pears, quinces and medlars.
  3. Prune autumn raspberries.
  4. Prune red and white currants and gooseberries.
  5. Keep checking stored fruits and remove rotten ones.
  6. Apply a top dressing of sulphate of potash to all fruits and nuts.

These tips have been taken from the Royal Horticultural Society, Grow your own section. Full details can be seen at