Q. If I have a problem, who and how do I ask someone?
A. Please use the contact us form and we will get back to you. Alternatively, please ask one of the site management group or the directors when they are on site.

Q. Why do I have to close and lock the gate every time I come through it?
A. The reasons are:-

  • It is a security risk and non plotholders could gain access to the site and steal your produce or tools!
  • Families with children want to be sure their children cannot leave the site unaccompanied.
  • It is also to keep unwanted animals off the site i.e. rabbits.

Q. My gate key has gone missing, what do I do?
A. Please use the contact us form or speak to one of the committee and they will advise how you can collect a replacement, the cost per key is £25. It is advisable to put your key on a keyring with a decent fob.

Q. How much is the manure and bark chippings and how do I pay?
A. Manure is £2 per barrow load and bark chippings is £1 per barrow load (barrow size undefined!). Please put the money in the honesty box near the gate or pay by BACS to: Account number: 55901560, Sort Code: 30-98-97 (Lloyds Bank, Fleet), reference ‘honesty box’ + your plot number.
Note it is really important that you do not abuse this system or we will not be able to afford to order more for you.

Q. The manure has run out, when will more be available?
A. Manure is ordered in periodically as and when required. One of the committee will add a note to the forum when the next batch is due. There are times when we cannot get deliveries in due to ground conditions.
We also get bark chippings in from time to time dependent on supply.

Q. Can I use a hose on my plot?
A. Yes, subject to the following conditions:-

  • The hose must be held i.e. not used with a sprinkler system.
  • At busy times, please be considerate to other plotholders and do not use the hose for too long a time when others are clearly waiting.
  • If there is a water butt under the tap, always ensure it is full up before using your hose and allow others to refill it if it goes empty when you are using your hose.
  • We may have to remove all rights if there is a water board hose pipe ban enforced.
  • Please ensure taps are shut properly after use to avoid wasting water.

Q. There is a problem with the tap, what do I do?
A. Firstly try and fix it yourself bearing in mind the committee are all volunteers. Alternatively, contact a member of the committee or use the contact us form and we’ll get it repaired as soon as possible.
Please note that the water is turned off during the winter months to avoid burst pipes usually around November to February dependent on conditions.

Q. Where can I park and not park?
A. You can park in the designated areas on the green matting near gate and access path. Please avoid blocking the main wide access paths as these may be needed for emergency access.
There is an overflow area beyond the pile of manure that can be used when ground conditions permit. When used, cars should park along the fence and avoid blocking the toilet or maintenance shed.
Do not ever park in the turning circle at the bottom of the field (we don’t own that land). In addition do not park in adjacent roads, tracks and entrances to our site (eg at B&M Fencing).

Q. I used the contact us form and they took a while to reply, why?
A. We do our best to reply to all queries as soon as we can. We are all volunteers and most of us have jobs and other commitments. If you do not receive a reply in 3 working days, please try again or check the contact-us page.

Q. Can I drive to my plot to drop off things?
A. People cannot normally drive to their plots as it risks the safety of children and other plotholders and there is also a chance you may damage other people’s plots (particularly when reversing or turning). If however you have a particular need to do so, please use the contact us form and the committee will consider your request.

Q. I have a big car over 1.9m high, how do I get the height restrictor code?.
A. You apply using the contact us form.

Q. Can I get things delivered to the site and my plot?
A. Yes, but please apply giving at least 3 days notice by using the contact us form. You need to confirm that the size of the delivery vehicle is below 3 tonnes and we’ll provide you the height restrictor access code. It is your responsibility to be on site to open/close the height restrictor. Do not give out the code to a third party. Note normally we do not allow contractors to deliver to individual plots but just to the parking area to avoid damage to plots.

Q. Why do we have a height restrictor at the site entrance?
A. Because we do not want to risk our site being taken over by travellers. To evict them might cost us up to £10,000 and is only possible if we have taken precautions to stop them entering.

Q. The grass is very long near my plot. Who is responsible for cutting it?
A. There is a contract to mow the grass between spring and autumn. This covers all the large paths and 1m paths between plots. You are responsible for helping us keep the grass cut near your plot. There is a petrol mower to borrow from Dave Webb – plot 45 –

Q. The access track needs repairing, what is going to happen?
A. We continually schedule repairs when required but are looking at ways to make a more permanent fix to the problem. Your offers of help in doing so are much appreciated – please use the contact us form if you can help us.

Q. Can I put my own notices on the board near the gate?
A. Yes within reason, but please give priority to official notices of the HAA. The HAA also reserve the right to remove any notice they don’t deem suitable.

Q. Can I sell things on the site?
A. If you what to sell things for personal gain, you must first seek permission by emailing If you would like to donate items to the HAA that can help raise funds, please leave these by the notice board and honesty box.

Q. I’d like my plot rotovated, can someone help?
A. A few plotholders own a rotovator and may be willing to loan them to you or do the job for you for a small charge. Alternatively you could try Simon Gosling on 07973 523246.

Q. How big a tool shed can I have on my plot?
A. Anything up to chest height (around 1.4m), ie nothing an adult can walk inside.

Q. Can I have a shed / greenhouse / polytunnel on my plot?
A. Sheds are now permitted on your plot but these are limited by size and positioning, contact the committee to discuss your requirements. For any structure requiring foundations it is possible that this may require planning permission.

Q. I want to move plots. How do I do it?
A. Please use the contact us form and we’ll advise you of plots available or if nothing suitable is available we will add you to the waiting list.

Q. I am on the waiting list for a plot. When might I get one?
A. The membership secretary will contact you when a suitable plot becomes available. When the site is full It is likely that you will be allocated one at the end of the year when some people decide not to renew their plot. Note, vacant plots are first offered to existing plotholders, then those on the waiting list living in Hook/Rotherwick and then people outside the area. Allocation within these areas will be by date of application.

Q. How do I join the waiting list?
A. Please use the contact us form. Click on the link to view current prices

Q. I want to give up my plot. What do I need to do?
A. Decide what date you want to vacate your plot then use the contact us form to let us know. Then clear all items you wish to remove from your plot and hand the key back. We will then check the state of the plot and refund you accordingly. You may also wish to donate your deposits to the HAA cause which would be gratefully received.

Q. What are the site rules?
A. A copy of the tenancy rules can be downloaded from our website.

Q. When are my fees due?
A. They are billed annually on 1st November and payment must be received by 1st December.

Q. I have a payment or accounts query. Who do I ask about it?
A. Contact the treasurer

Q. I need to contact another plotholder. How do I get their phone number or email?
A. We do not give out personal information, but we can contact people on your behalf. Please send in your request using the contact us form.

Q. I am a plotholder and I have not been receiving newsletters from the HAA. What is wrong?
A. Try checking your spam folder or your list of junk mail senders first. Then please use the contact us form

Q. My partner is the registered plotholder but I want to get copies of the newsletter too. How do I do this?
A. They need to join the HAA website as a new member and we’ll add them to our database. Please complete the contact us form

Q. Is the HAA a charity?
A. No but it is non profit making Community Interest Company limited by guarantee.

Q. There is no rubbish bin on site. Why?
A. It is your responsibility to take home your rubbish from the site, this includes removable of all weeds, garden waste and any item you left by the gate not sold within 2 weeks. The HAA is working to keep costs down and cannot afford to pay for refuse collection.

Q. Can I put carpet and tyres on my plot?
A. No sorry both are restricted in the tenancy rules. This is common now on allotments as there are risks of chemical contamination of the soil.

Q. Can I use chemicals on my plot?
A. Yes, but you must ensure no over-spray affects the paths or neighbouring plots as many plotholders want to grow organically.

Q. I’m on the site management group, how do I access the mailbox?

A. Go to and use the login we have provided you.

Q. When are bonfires permitted on site?

A. Bonfires are only permitted from 1st October to 1st June. Please be considerate to your neighbours and check the strength and direction of the wind.

Your question not answered? Then leave a comment on the contact us form and we’ll add it next time we update the list.