Application FAQ

Q. I do not live in the Hook or Rotherwick Parish areas. Will I get an allotment?
A. Although we do give priority to Hook/Rotherwick residents, we do offer plots to people from other parishes and have current plotholders from further afield i.e. Odiham, Fleet and Hartley Wintney. So it is worth applying!

Q. Do you offer discounts for concessions or pensioners?
A. No. There is same level of fixed pricing for all.

Q. I understand a normal full sized allotment is 10 poles. Do you offer that size?
A. Yes, our ‘large’ allotment is the normal full sized allotment of 10 poles.

Q. When can I visit the site and see the plots? Can I do it before I apply?
A. You need to arrange an appointment with the Membership secretary who will show you plots currently available and offer helpful advise and information. It is worth applying for a plot and then we can contact you to discuss your preferences, please ensure you provide a working e-mail address and contact number.

Q. I’m a bit nervous about applying, as I’ve never done much gardening before.
A. Don’t worry, there will be plenty of people just like you. However many of the experienced gardeners are willing to help and offer advice. One tip though is not to apply for too large a plot. Maybe just take a Small or Mini plot initially and then you can upsize to a larger size later.

Q. What happens if I want to trade up or trade down the size of my plot?
A. When plots become available, we first offer them to current plotholders. So there is an opportunity to change your plot and we’ll charge/refund you accordingly for any different sized plot.

Q. Your prices seem expensive. I’m sure I have seen cheaper allotments elsewhere.
A. Our prices are actually almost the same as most community run allotments being set up (eg the planned one in Hitches Lane, Fleet) and also in line with many councils eg Wandsworth. There are however other councils who have managed to subsidise very low prices on their sites. Unlike them, we have no rental subsidy from Hart Council.

Q. Can I be a member of the HAA without having an allotment?
A. Yes, there is no annual membership fee. We do ask you to let us know when you no longer wish to be a member so we can remove you from the mailing list.

Q. If I rent a plot for one year and then want to renew it at the end of that year, would the renewal be automatically accepted or would I go back to the end of the waiting list?
A. The renewal would be automatic once you are a plotholder

Q. What happens if I decide part way through a year that I don’t want my allotment anymore?
A. Please tell us as soon as possible. We’ll then offer the plot to other members and those on the waiting list. Provided you leave your allotment in an acceptable condition, we’ll then refund your plot deposit and key deposit. We regret that we do not offer refunds on annual rental or service fees for part used years.